Keep cool with Kombucha

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Happy Kombucha

With the approach of summer 2015, many people are keen to get themselves into shape – with the rising popularity of detoxification and healthy eating. An increasingly important component seen as integral to a healthy lifestyle is keeping hydrated.

Yet the next step you can take in feeling healthy and hydrated is not just with water. An innovative solution to keeping you refreshed and energised is kombucha culture!

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is made from fermenting tea, and thus in turn can be known as a ‘living drink’. When tea, a certain amount of sugar and a kombucha culture are combined, this allows for the creation of a sparkling beverage with significant nutritional properties.

Kombucha is a composition or culture which contains a number of species of yeasts and the enzymes, important amino acids and polyphenols produced by the yeast microbes. When the kombucha is fuelled by sugar and in a liquid like tea, this produces not only high quantities of beneficial acids and enzymes but b-vitamins and acetic acid also, which has antibacterial properties.

What are the benefits?

  • Taking tea to the next level – kombucha is a brilliant innovation in providing vitamins and nutritional benefit in a practically fat-free format. It can incorporate the types of tea you like, for example you can add kombucha to black, green and white tea.
  • The vast majority of added sugars are removed during the fermentation process.
  • Kombucha drinking is a detox!  – The considerable amount of enzymes and beneficial acids produced by kombucha provide your body with the ideal properties to keep your system cleansed and healthy.
  • Kombucha is known to contain glucosamine which are recognised as important for joint care and even the treatment of arthritic conditions.
  • It also offers a probiotic boost as well as being antioxidant rich.

To make your own super-drink, in a sense, all you need is kombucha culture. Make your drink of tea so much healthier and feel fresher by introducing kombucha as part of a healthy lifestyle this 2015. Lean, lush-tasting and fat-free, it is so much of an improved option when compared to yoghurts, for example, which contain extensive added sugars and fats. For experienced providers of kombucha, extensive information and all the equipment you need to make healthy and highly nutritional beverages you can call Happy Kombucha direct on 01323 410765 or contact them via their website at - .

Posted on May 18th 2015 in Antioxidant Drinks

What is FUT and can it help me?

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Fue Hair Transplant Clinics

FUT is the abbreviation for Follicular Unit transplantation – an important procedure in regards to hair restoration. It can be used to restore areas affected by hair loss, especially at the crown and the front of the head.

The precise process

The technique involves the patient’s hair being transplanted in follicular units – naturally occurring groupings of about 1 to 4 hairs. These units also contain nerves, a small muscle and connections to the sebaceous (oil) glands. In FUT hair transplants the surgeon utilises these units to transfer potentially thousands of grafts in one session. It works at such a minute level and yet can have a significant positive impact.

As it operates on such a small scale yet can be repeated, FUT is often considered much more innovative and accessible than some older hair transplant procedures which involve extensive grafts. As part of a full FUT procedure, the re-inserted hair as a result of the graft can even be applied to mimic the traditional direction of hair growth – meaning that growth will return in a way which both looks and feels natural.

What are the benefits of FUT?

1)      Maximum growth following the transplant – in FUT, the hair follicles are removed small-scale in a single strip, as this avoids the individual units being damaged. In older hair transplant techniques, procedures  sometimes involve risk to the follicle itself but FUT keeps it safely intact and increasing the chances of good growth

2)      Looks natural – FUT is an innovative approach to hair transplant which can allow for an end result which appears just like regular hair growth

3)      Allows for effective surgical planning – in removing a unit of follicles at a time, this allows  the surgeon to appropriate how many are needed and what will allow for the most efficient transplant

4)      An effective procedure which minimises trauma to the scalp itself

 Therefore, FUT is a hair restoration procedure which is innovative and ever-increasing in popularity. For more information and a number of successful case studies involving all the latest in hair transplant technologies, you can contact FUE hair clinics via their website at -

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Why an e-cig is giving up, in a good way!

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With spring approaching, the prospect of longer days and lighter nights inspire many people to give up smoking tobacco; allowing them to feel fresher and breathe easier.  Yet the last thing you want is to be struggling with tiring and temperamental substitutes – after all, the appeal of patches and gum may soon wear thin.

However, an e-cigarette can be a key component in giving up smoking which offers something fresh and freeing, potentially every day.

What is an e-cigarette?

The best e-cigarettes involve a simple, clean system. When the device is inhaled upon, a vapour is created due to the presence of liquid nicotine in an atomiser chamber. The product, which is liquid nicotine in clean water vapour therefore delivers nicotine to the body, giving you the satisfaction you need. And yet, because all that is involved is water vapour, this means it is carried without the hundreds of harmful chemicals, tar and tobacco involved in conventional cigarettes. Accompanying e-liquids also allow for flavour to become part of the experience, satisfying both to habit and to the palette.

Experts in providing the most advanced, efficient e-cigarette system are iBreathe UK.

old Green-700x700

Why do I make an excellent choice if I opt for iBreathe?

  • Truly modern e-cigarette technology – with latest models including essences kits
  • A variety of shapes and styles available to suit your needs
  • Offers much more excitement – iBreathe have an extensive selection of flavoured refills including a dessert and cocktail range. Giving up tobacco smoking does not only feel good, it potentially can also taste good. Popular choices include strawberry and fresh mint.
  • They are an experienced UK e-cig liquid stockist – with a comprehensive range and convenient delivery service so your needs will not go unaddressed

Tempted? iBreathe after all, are passionate about  allowing you to give up tobacco smoking and enjoy an accessible, easy alternative. With their e-cigarette range you can eliminate the smell and smoke of cigarettes and breathe better in the knowledge of a premium product.  With their affordable kits and comprehensive site with a full range of accessories, you should accept being spoilt for choice this spring. Get yourself going onwards with an iBreathe e-cigarette.

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An introduction to Meningitis

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Welcome to, the online blog that can offer help and advice for families and individuals suffering with the effects of meningitis. A crippling and sometimes fatal condition that can affect various abilities, Meningitis can affect many important functions of the body if not spotted quickly, due to the fact that the meninges or protective membranes that surround the spinal cord and brain become infected by a virus, microorganism or bacteria.

The meninges become inflamed as the meningitis bacterial virus spreads, causing a long term or permanent disability, conditions such as cognitive deficits (mental disabilities), epilepsy, deafness, blindness and in some cases paralysis are commonly associated with Meningitis. Meningococcal meningitis amongst very young babies unfortunately often results in the amputation of limbs affected by aggressive petechial rashes that turn their fragile limbs gangrenous.

Treatment is available and the effects can be minimal if caught in time but can often leave those affected with ongoing, lifelong reminders of their unfortunate encounter with this devastating illness. Meningitis has no preference on age although it is the very young and the old who do seem to make up the majority of victims. One of the key important points that we focus on is the education of prevention. There are many fundraising charities operating globally in the attempt to reduce the number of meningitis outbreaks and infections and hopefully wipe them out completely.

Preventing meningitis should be of paramount importance amongst our young. Vaccines and boosters are administered to our children throughout their childhood lives in an attempt to eradicate the disease but further measures need to be enforced to completely lower any risk. Anyone travelling abroad to epidemic zones in South America, Northern parts of Africa where poverty and famine are still strife and parts of Mongolia China and Pakistan and Northern India, need to ensure the correct vaccinations are administered before travelling.

Many of the fundraising charities such as Meningitis UK, CoMO (Confederation of Meningitis Organisations), supporting organisations such as amrc (Association of Medical Research Charities) and the Pneumococcal Awareness Council of Experts (PACE), dedicate a fantastic amount of resources, including time, energy, funding and awareness to fight the problem of meningitis on a global scale. Our ongoing fight to wipe out this disease and raise awareness is our only wish and to continue developing ways to beat meningitis once and for all.

Posted on June 11th 2010 in meningitis

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